update: alive but dead?

- still haven’t found my tablet pen

- work is taking up a TON of my time (esp since we have a LOT of material that needs to get out before our christmas vacation…even if that is a “while” off, time is so relative omg i’ve settled into the monotony…)

- i have been drawing in my sketchbook but keep forgetting to upload or draw more at work

- gouache is really fun but takes a while to set up and i just- *collapse*

- dangit tablet pen where are you

mini update:

hey guys! i know it’s been FOREVER, but i swear it’s because of a good reason. (a couple of reasons actually)

1- I have lost my tablet pen. it’s somewhere inside my house, i know not where. One minute there, one minute gone. Until I clean the natural disaster that is my room, that thing is gonna stay lost. (i am 90% sure that thing is findable, i am not gonna buy a new one) >:\

2- because of that, i’ve mostly been drawing in my sketchbook when i have the time, or working with my gouache. i finally got more white paint so i’ll get back on that soon. (its coming along great so far lol i need to get back on that)

3- it’s hard to get back on EITHER of those because i’m working full-time now! i’m a junior graphic designer at the game company i’ve been interning at, and it keeps me busy! any time i get outside of work i’m either collapsed on the couch/in bed or out with friends to de-stress! 

i will come back tho this, i swear, and i’ll try and post some new gouache works! i’m glad i picked those up, it’s a great stress-reliever to just paint with physical medium.

anyway, wish you all well!

it’s been a rough week

got all pumped up by Game 5/Round 2 of the Stanley cup playoffs and I needed to get all that pent up hockey energy out somehow! was gonna color/shade it in more, but I think it’s alright for now…PAINT IT ORANGE!


been lazy and abandoned this for a while, colored it and i liked it at first but then I watched some cartoons and now looking back….it…bugs me


i will get back on this i swear, but it’s late and i have work in the morning, night!

I was experimenting with my watercolor brush set when my computer died, restarted, and destroyed what I was working on.

*heavy sigh like the dude above*

Started again, and I like this one a lot better because I actually know what I’m doing. It’s still a work in progress, some stuff will be changed as I move along, but I wanted to show my idea anyway.

expect updates

edit: fixed the color levels in PS, since this is a phone pic and a bit dark

Since I haven’t been drawing too much lately, my hand’s gotten out of practice and I had to find some reference photos to work off of because nothing I started looked any good to me ><

Anyway, pretty happy with how this turned out, I’ve really wanted to get back into traditional media, so I’m slowly getting into it again. (I’m so used to Ctrl+Z it’s weird coloring with pencil haha)

So yeah

Sketchy sketch

(click for Hi-Res please!)
Hey now
I&#8217;m an all-star, got my game on, go plaaayyy&#8230;
But seriously check it out. This is a picture I edited (bg too) at work that&#8217;s now on the home page of Nitto.com (one of our clients). It&#8217;s sort of exciting to have it on the front page of somewhere, even if it is anonymous. (It&#8217;s even the banner of their facebook page)
So yeah, pretty cool. I&#8217;m slowly goin places!

(click for Hi-Res please!)

Hey now

I’m an all-star, got my game on, go plaaayyy…

But seriously check it out. This is a picture I edited (bg too) at work that’s now on the home page of Nitto.com (one of our clients). It’s sort of exciting to have it on the front page of somewhere, even if it is anonymous. (It’s even the banner of their facebook page)

So yeah, pretty cool. I’m slowly goin places!

thing i did at work while waiting for some more work to do

colors look a tad off but eh it’s just a silly dog

silly dog you

a few drawings from the other day forever ago when I was watching “Just One of the Guys”, and experimenting a bit more with those watercolor brushes that I bought (and LOVE! get them here). It’s basically an 80s movie with a similar premise to “She’s the Man” but a lot better imho

Anyway, just some sketches, but I really suggest the movie so go check it out! It’s pretty great! 

Muffin Top

Felt like drawing, lots of stuff making me think, especially my second job. was gonna make it silly but i got carried away with my new brushes, changing the mood of it.


intimidating dessert-person. enjoy

bought some new Photoshop brushes the night before, and wanted to test them out a bit. man they are cool! they work really realistically, there’s salt fx, alcohol, spatter, all sorts of neato stuff!

anyway, just a little prince to wish you all a happy Valentines! 

(get the ULTIMATE watercolor brushes and other great ones here)

Sorry for the absence! (And for the phone pic) Finally had the urge to draw again, so did these today and yesterday….

Not much, i know…but umm…yay tiger centaur things?? Been trying to get back in the swing of drawing, maybe one day sometime if ever i’ll color these…ANYWAY

good to be back! (Sorta haha…)

some figure drawing I did, with photos I’d reblogged as reference


Hey guys! I would REALLY appreciate it if you all could help me out!

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